Fukuroi City Library User Guide


When Using the Library for the First Time(はじめて借りるとき)

Making a Library User Card

When borrowing materials for the first time, please get a user card made. A user card is issued to those who live, work, or study in Fukuroi City, and those who live in Kakegawa City , Iwata City , Omaezaki City, Kikugawa City, and Mori Town. Making a user card and checking out materials is free of charge.

What you need when making a user card

Please present some official ID card (residence, health insurance, MyNumber, driver's license, etc.) to certify your current address, name, and date of birth.
If you live outside of the city and do not commute to work or school in Fukuroi, you also need a library user card from your city/town.


Borrowing Materials (Books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs etc.) (本を借りる)

Please bring materials you would like to borrow and your user card to the circulation desk. You can use the same card in all three libraries in the city.

Borrowing Limit

You can borrow up to 12 books & magazines and up to 3 CDs & DVDs at one time.

Borrowing Period

You can borrow materials for 2 weeks. For the material not reserved by another person, the return due date can be extended for another 23weeks just once. You can extend the borrowing period through the application by phone or via "My Page" on the Fukuroi City Library website.


Returning Materials(本を返す)

You can return materials you borrowed to any city library in Fukuroi. Please return them to the circulation desk. You don't need your user card to return them. When the library is closed, please return books to the book-drop beside the entrance. Please be sure to return CDs/DVDs to the circulation desk during open hours as they are fragile.





Various Services(図書館のいろいろなサービス)

IT Corner (Fukuroi Library & Asaba Library) (ITコーナー)

PCs for searching are available free of charge. Online databases of newspaper articles and legal information are also available.

Audio-Visual (AV) Corner(AVコーナー)

CDs/DVDs from the library are available for hearing/viewing.

Study Corner(学習コーナー)

All city libraries in Fukuroi have spaces where you can study using your own books etc.

For library users looking for Books in Foreign Languages(外国語の本をお探しの方へ)

For native speakers of languages other than Japanese, books in multiple languages (English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish etc.) are on the shelves. Books for people who would like to learn Japanese or a foreign language are also available.

For library users with disabilities(障がいのある方へ)

A variety of forms of materials including Japanese-language printed materials are available in the library. Large print books, Braille books, touchable picture books with Braille, and LL books (easy-to-read books) are available for all.
For users who have difficulty seeing, transliterated books & magazines, and Braille books are on the shelves. Also, a face-to-face reading service is available.
For users who have difficulty hearing, written communication is available. Please feel free to contact the staff.

For library users with small children(小さなお子さんをお連れの方へ)

A "Baby Time" is provided for users with small children once a week to offer the opportunity to come to the library. During the Baby Time, users in the library are asked to understand and remain calm when small children cry or make loud noises.

"Baby Time"

Fukuroi Library
Tsukimi-no-Sato Workshop Center Library Branch
(Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Toshokan Bunshitsu)
Wednesdays , 10:00 am - midday
Asaba LibraryFridays, 10:00 am – midday


Books in city libraries can be back-ordered from the city library of your choice. For the book not available at the city library, please fill out the necessary information on a request card and submit it to the circulation desk. Books can be purchased or borrowed from other libraries upon request.

Copying Service(コピー(複写)サービス)

Materials of the library can be copied under the Copyright Act.
Black and white: ¥ 10/page /Color: ¥ 40/page

Searching (Reference Service)(調べたいことがあるとき(レファレンスサービス))

The reference service is available to assist you in your research/investigation by providing consultation regarding the materials and information you are looking for. We can suggest ways to help you solve your problem, referring you to materials available in the library or more appropriate institutions.

Why don't you record your reading memories with the "Fuku Book Passbook" (Fuku Buku Tsucho)?(ふくぶっくつうちょう)

"Fuku Book Passbook" (Fuku Buku Tsucho) is issued for users who wish to keep a record of books borrowed from Fukuroi City Library, just like a bankbook.
You can print out the information on the book you are borrowing (check-out date, title, author and amount) using the special printer at the library.Cost : ¥ 100/book (Free for high school students and younger).

Information on the Fukuroi City Library website(図書館ホームページのご案内)

Library announcements and event information are provided on this website. Searching and reserving materials is also possible. It is available from your PC or smartphone.
When the material you reserved is available, you will be notified by email or phone.
Library service via internet is convenient when you cannot make time to visit the library.

Services avilable on the Fukuroi City Library website (Excerpts)

  • Search/Reserve materials
  • Check your usage status
  • Continue checking-out materials
  • Check event information
  • Browse library newsletters
  • Browse local materials pamphlets

Request from the Library(図書館からのお願い)

Library materials are the property of the citizens. We appreciate your cooperation to make the library a pleasant place for everyone to use.

  • Be sure to return materials by the return due date.
  • Never cut or write on books.
  • You may be asked to pay for library materials that are wet or soiled by mistake.
  • Please refrain from eating outside of the designated areas and times.
  • For library users using a PC, electrical outlets in designated areas are available.
  • Please put cell phones and smart phones on silent mode and refrain from talking on them in the library.

Information on City Libraries(各館のご案内)

Fukuroi Library

〒437-0027 19-1, Takao-cho, Fukuroi City
Tel. 42-5325 Fax. 45-0569
Mail. fukuroitosyokan@city.fukuroi.shizuoka.jp

Open Hours

Tue, Fri, Sat & Sundays 9: 30 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesdays & Thursdays 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Closed day

Mondays, library inventory days, year-end & new year holidays and special inventory period
Please check the library calendar for holidays.

Tsukimi-no-Sato Workshop Center Library Branch(Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Toshokan Bunshitsu)

〒437-0125 4-3-7, Kamiyamanashi, Fukuroi City
Tel. 49-3402

Open Hours

Fridays to Tuesdays 9: 30 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesdays 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Closed day

Thursdays, library inventory days, year-end & new year holidays and special inventory period

Asaba Library

〒437-1102 976-1, Asana, Fukuroi City
Tel. 23-6801 Fax. 23-6802
Mail. asabatosyokan@city.fukuroi.shizuoka.jp

Open Hours

Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat & Sundays 9: 30 am - 5:30 pm
Fridays 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Closed day

Mondays, library inventory days, year-end & new year holidays and special inventory period
Please check the library calendar for holidays.